The Bull Market, DeFi and NFT : CEO Listing.Help about Cryptocurrency Market and Blockchain Life 2021

Sergei Khitrov

Good afternoon, Sergei! Let’s start from the main thing: the last Blockchain Life 2020 forum coincided with the beginning of a new bullish cycle. Those days, Bitcoin was $11,000, and BNB token was $30. Why did the market change so much in just six months?

I would say that the main reason was the printing trillions of dollars in 2020 is to save Wall Street by the US Federal Reserve. So, many funds saw the coming inflation and began to diversify risks and invest in alternative assets, Bitcoin. Many took profits in Bitcoin and began to invest in altcoins, which is why the new alt season began.

How long will this bullish cycle last, and can you highlight any specific examples of projects that succeeded in the recent new wave of cryptocurrency hype?

Unfortunately, no one can say that for sure. The cryptocurrency market is different from the stock market because it is very unpredictable in the long term. I think that as long as dollars are printing, the market will grow. You have to remember that the cryptocurrency market always has a significant correction after rapid growth. But if we look at 5–10 years term, I’m sure it will grow a lot.

Nowadays, one of the most discussed topics in cryptocurrency is NFT. Non-fungible tokens have attracted a lot of attention, even from people far from the crypto industry. How long will it last, and what consequences can the development of NFT technology lead to?

Undoubtedly, the NFT market is one of the most popular trends now, but the main question is whether the secondary market of the famous NFT will be formed. We see a slight stagnation; nevertheless, the NFT market has a future. Today I can’t say for sure that this hype will last long.

No less important topic is DeFi. What’s the secret to its current success as the DeFi market has been around since 2016?

There is a hype around many assets when a large number of big players enter. Yes, DeFi was not very popular in 2016; not many people used it. Now there is massive adoption of cryptocurrencies among crypto users and investors, so that’s why it all became popular. Again, the FED decisions helped a lot. Decentralized finance has tried to set up an alternative system where the decision is not made centralized but by the community.

Has the listing process for cryptocurrency exchanges changed over the past year due to recent trends? And what can you say about IDO?

The listing process has not changed much in the last year. But, we see an increasing trend in the number of projects. From our side, we think IDO is the future because it builds community, which is very important for the growth of the project.

Finally, I would like to ask about Blockchain Life 2021. What things would you advise us to pay special attention to?

First of all, I would recommend paying attention to the DeFi and NFT sections. And with more attention to DeFi, because the economy is much clearer. One of the key sections of our forum, which we were working on for a long time — is the implementation of blockchain; this year, it brings together the best experts to talk about new exciting cases.




October 21–22 in Moscow.

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Blockchain Life 2021

Blockchain Life 2021

October 21–22 in Moscow.

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